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Bettina Pérez Martinez


Thesis Title

Representing La Crisis Boricua: The Intersection of Politics, Art and Nature in the Work of Frances Gallardo


MA - Art History


Dr. Johanne Sloan

Research Interests

  • Latin american art
  • 20th and 21st century caribbean art
  • 20th and 21st century colonialism and post-colonialism 
  • Diasporic and migration mtudies 
  • Political science 
  • Politics of ecology



Bettina is a second-year student in the Art History MA at Concordia University. Her research interests focus on Latin American and Caribbean 20th and 21st Century art and their relation to political and social issues, as well as environmental issues. She also explores the identity of former and currently colonized countries within the Caribbean.

Bettina's MA thesis focuses on navigating the intersections of Caribbean identity, Contemporary Puerto Rican politics, decolonial and post-colonial studies, disaster relief response and ecology through the work of Contemporary Puerto Rican artist Frances Gallardo. Her thesis also addresses Puerto Rico’s colonial relationship with the United States as the pivotal agent for the country’s growing economic and social crisis and how this relationship pertains to the representation and exploitation of nature.

Bettina holds a BFA in Printmaking and a BA in Art History from the State University of New York, Purchase, New York. 

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