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The Faculty of Fine Arts Digital Image and Slide Collection

The Faculty of Fine Arts Digital Image and Slide Collection (DISC), located in the Department of Art History (EV 3.741), provides digital images and digitization services to faculty for teaching purposes. The online digital image repository is accessible to faculty, students and staff. All downloaded images may be used for educational and research purposes: In addition to services to faculty and students, DISC also collaborates with the University of Toronto and other Canadian universities by uploading its digital collection to the Federated Academic Digital Imaging System (FADIS) database (A password is required for FADIS – please contact the Visual Resources Facilitator for access.) Lastly, DISC continues to house a permanent slide collection which includes approximately 300,000 slides of contemporary and historic art and architecture. No viewing appointment is necessary to access and work with the slide collection.

For image inquiries or more information, contact the Faculty of Fine Arts Visual Resources staff at 514 848 2424, extension 3906.

Fine Arts Reading Room

The Fine Arts Reading Room is a cornucopia of resources including a well stocked library of contemporary art-historical and theoretical books as well as a growing collection of magazines and periodicals. Situated on the second floor of the Engineering, Computer Science and Visual Arts Integrated Complex (EV-2.785), it also provides a comfortable lounge area equipped with computers, a scanner, a printer and free Internet access.

Graduate student spaces

Art History Grad Lounge

Located in the Department of Art History, the Grad Lounge is a space for MA students to convene, study and take a break. The space is equipped with couches, round table and chairs, bookshelves with alumni Theses, microwave, tea kettle, desktop computers and printer. Location: EV 3.736 (Engineering and Visual Arts complex, third floor, room 736)

FB 630, Graduate student study space

Need a quiet work space? FB 630 is dedicated to Fine Arts graduate students. It has a private lounge area, a large study space, a kitchenette, a conference room, a small meeting room and a privacy booth, as well as five research labs.

Students may use the privacy booth and small meeting room on a first-come, first-served basis. The conference room is equipped with a large screen and ways to connect to your own device. You can reserve the conference room either onsite or online.

The lockers in the space are available to everyone. You just need to provide your own padlock.

Access to the FB 630 spaces is managed through the Concordia Access Card system. You must be either a Fine Arts graduate student or associated with one of the research labs.

Learn more about FB 630 and how to gain access.

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