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ARTH 388 - Narration & Art

ARTH 388 - Narration & Art

  • M&W-18:00-20:15
  • EV-1.615

This course traces the visual evolution of the Westernized fairy tale book from the salons of Rococo France to the post-Disney revival of fairyland in contemporary art.  Themes related to the shifting perspectives on the fairy tale’s value include: sex and sensuality, violence and justice, fantasy and tyranny, narrative simplification and sophistication, animality and childhood, the library as a system of knowledge, and the very question of whether fairy tales are meant for children or adults.

Given that the fairy tale has most often been addressed in literary studies, this art history course offers a rare opportunity to analyze the role that the images play in generating age, gender, racial and creaturely relations. In the context of the course students will become historically and visually informed about fairyland’s visual diversity, while also honing their skills in primary source research, writing and argumentation.


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