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Message from the Graduate Program Director

Nicola Pezolet

To all current, incoming and prospective students:

First things first: let me introduce myself. My name is Dr. Nicola Pezolet. I have been a full-time faculty member in the Art History Department at Concordia since 2013. My research is focused generally on the history, theory and criticism of art and architecture, with a special interest in the various intersections of the secular and the religious. It is truly an honour to be asked to step in to serve as Art History’s Graduate Program Director. 

For decades, Concordia’s Art History graduate programs have been recognized for fostering innovative research on historical and contemporary art objects and practices, as well as the critical study of visual and material culture more broadly (including print culture, photography, interior design, craft, and fashion). While our focus has historically been on Canada and North America, we are continuing to expand to include more global perspectives. Our Department takes pride in fostering a mutually supportive, inclusive and collegial environment in which our students can improve their research skills, fine tune their writing, gain confidence at speaking in public, as well as get involved in various activities, on campus and beyond. 

Concordia is a member of Montreal’s Interuniversity PhD in Art History, a unique bilingual program composed of many faculty members and graduate students from Université de Montréal and the Université du Québec à Montréal. Candidates in our Interuniversity PhD program can complete their doctoral seminars and other assignments in English, in French, or a combination of both. Concordia is also ideally located for graduate studies, as it is at the heart of a diverse, cosmopolitan city that has much to offer in terms of research and internship opportunities — our offices are just a few blocks away from such institutions as the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, the Montreal Museum of Contemporary Art, Artexte, the Canadian Center for Architecture, as well as several archives, libraries, galleries and artists-run centres.

If you are thinking about or you are already planning to apply to one of our graduate programs, either at the MA or at the PhD level, be sure to consult our list of seminar offerings, our full-time faculty profiles, and our various admission requirements. You can also access a list of over three hundred completed student theses and dissertations (on Concordia’s repository Spectrum): surveying those will give you a very good sense of recent and past research in our programs.

I’d be happy to answer your email or to discuss with you via phone or Zoom (by appointment). If you are already in the program and you are considering further graduate studies, I’d also love to discuss your future plans and offer some general guidance about your academic and professional development. You may also contact our wonderful Department assistant, Chiara Montpetit, for specific administrative questions.

My colleagues and I look forward to being in touch with you and we wish you all much success in your studies and your careers!


Dr. Nicola Pezolet​

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