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Message from the Graduate Program Director


Hello and welcome. As Graduate Program Director I am happy to discuss any aspect of our MA and PhD programs with you. If you are a current student, please drop by my office. If you are considering graduate study with us, call or email for an appointment and we will be happy to help you assess whether we have a program that is right for you.

At Concordia, we strive to create a stimulating, supportive, and challenging environment for students who are curious, hardworking, and eager to expand their intellectual and professional horizons. Our programs balance historical and theoretical approaches to art, providing exposure to the critical issues that make art history such a vibrant discipline. Students in our MA program benefit from membership in an active and engaged cohort, and write theses that enable them to push their analytical and writing abilities to new levels. Candidates in our Interuniversity PhD can do their doctoral work in English, French, or a combination of both, while benefitting from the unique depth of expertise provided by the largest doctoral program in Canada. I invite you to learn more by browsing the list of completed student theses, reading our faculty profiles, and consulting our admission requirements. If you think you might see Concordia in your future, why not be in touch?  It’s never too early to start planning your graduate career.

Academic questions should be directed to me, Kristina Huneault, and administrative ones to our department assistant, Camille Pouliot.


- Dr. Kristina Huneult

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