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ARTH 805 - Networks and Archives

W - 14:00-17:00
Concordia University, EV-3.760

As cultural paradigms, the network and the archive have generated much debate and theorizing in recent years, across many disciplines; this seminar will examine some of these debates while assessing  their relevance for art historical study.  In general terms, the network and the archive can be regarded as opposites: if networks are dynamic circuits of social exchange and flowing information, archives imply institutionalization, heritage, and historical sedimentation. To complicate this apparent opposition we will look into a range of theories and authors, such as: network society (Manuel Castells), actor-network theory (Bruno Latour), network archaeology (Lisa Gitelman), archival fever (Jacques Derrida), archival impulse (Hal Foster), archival unconscious (Ernst Van Alphen).  The seminar will also introduce artworks and artists from various historical periods, while students will be encouraged to develop research projects based on case studies.

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