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Message from the Chair

Dr John Potvin

Welcome to the Department of Art History at Concordia University!

Even after so many years, I continue to be amazed by the surprises Art History has to offer. By its very nature, Art History is interdisciplinary. It encompasses a study of sexuality, race and gender, business and economics, politics, culture and society. It depends on a vast array of theories and methods. What makes our department exciting and fairly unique is that professors’ research and the courses they offer explore a genuinely wide scope of topics and allow students to benefit from a broad understanding of what constitutes art in both historical and contemporary contexts.

Our departmental commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion is not only visible in the exciting research projects that engage many students as research assistants, but also permeates our respective pedagogical missions and course offerings. Local and global in our reach, our faculty explore Indigenous, Inuit, Black, Asian, 2SLGBTQIA+ and feminist issues across countless forms of cultural production such as painting, postcards, photography, film, new and multimedia, performance art, material culture, expositions, interior design, architecture, fashion and craft. An additional strength of our department is that many of our professors are either curators or actively engaged in questions around new museology. In short, there’s something for everyone!

I am tremendously proud of the many vibrant and active student groups our department boasts. These student organizations are an ideal way not only to socialize, but also to enhance professional development and expand learning beyond the classroom setting. Concordia is located in the heart of Montreal and the city itself offers a rich urban landscape in which to pursue the history and practice of art. From the numerous artist-run centres to larger institutions like the McCord Museum and the Montreal Museum of Fine Art, the city’s vibrant art scene is a significant added value to a university experience.

On behalf of my colleagues, I invite you to be in touch and start a conversation about your possible future with us.

Dr John Potvin




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