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Message from the Chair

Dr Johanne Sloan

My name is Johanne Sloan, and I’m very proud to be Chair of the Department of Art History at Concordia University, because we are a vibrant community of teachers, scholars, and students pursuing imaginative, socially-relevant, and theoretically-rich research. The department welcomes students from Quebec, Canada, and international locations, who come to Concordia to undertake degrees in our Undergraduate, Master’s, and Doctoral programs.

I completed my undergrad degree at Concordia many moons ago, and indeed, several professors in the department also received one of their degrees from here. At the present time, what it means to study art history continues to change and expand: we engage with feminist, decolonizing, and queer methodologies, for instance; we not only study art and architecture from various periods, but also photography, design, craft, fashion, and other forms of visual and material culture.  (Please click on each full-time professor’s name to see their areas of expertise and research profiles.)

I’d like to point out that, alongside the learning that occurs in classrooms, students enrolled in Art History programs at Concordia have in recent years been tremendously active – initiating student groups, associations, lecture series, and conferences – all of which contribute to the lively and collegial culture of the department.

On behalf of my colleagues I invite you to contact us, as we’d be glad to tell you more about pursuing your studies in our department!


Dr. Johanne Sloan



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