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Momus Emerging Critics Residency

August 26-30, 2019

Kathleen Gilje, Rosalind Krauss in the Manner of Degas, 2006. Collection of the National Portrait Gallery, Washington D.C. Courtesy of the artist. Kathleen Gilje, Rosalind Krauss in the Manner of Degas, 2006. Collection of the National Portrait Gallery, Washington D.C. Courtesy of the artist.

Update: Please note that we are no longer accepting applications for the 2019 residency.  

The Faculty of Fine Arts invites applications for the new Momus Emerging Critics Residency. The residency is a one-week intensive summer program taking place from August 26 – 30, 2019 within the Faculty of Fine Arts.

The program aims to foster the next generation of art writers through mentorship, practical skills and tactics development. Students gain access to Momus’s editorial staff, founding publisher, contributing editors and critics, in the classroom and through one-on-one mentorship, while tapping into Momus’s readership and international network.

Workshop leaders

The five Momus workshop leaders are: contributing editors Saelen Twerdy, and Mark Mann; senior editor Casey Beal; founding publisher and editor Sky Goodden; and journalist Merray Gerges, who is also an editorial fellow for C Magazine.


Fine Arts graduate students, as well as graduating students and recent Concordia alumni are eligible to apply. Beyond Concordia, the program is open to paying participants, students and professionals, with a practice or keen interest in critical writing.


The fee for this one-week residency is $625 CAD, and participants from outside Montreal are responsible for travel and accommodation. If you are accepted, Momus Publisher Sky Goodden can assist with grant endorsements to cover the program’s costs. The Faculty of Fine Arts will cover the participation fee for all selected Concordia applicants.


Workshop curriculum includes the following topics:

  • Writing, the process. This includes pitching, working with an editor, time-management, mapping and preparing for deadlines, structuring your piece, adjusting your argument across drafts, etc.
  • Working freelance vs with an editorial team: the goals and challenges to prospecting and writing from within, and outside, a publishing institution.
  • Writer/editor perspectives on a rigorous edit (with illustrative examples), taking a detailed look at what shifts over the course of the pitch-to-publish process.
  • Compare and contrast regarding the scope of writer-remuneration rates, tips for negotiation, and budgeting your life as a freelancer.
  • Criticism vs art writing and art journalism (historical & practical perspectives).
  • Current debates and discourses in online art publishing.
  • Online vs print publishing: the realities and potentials for writer, editor, and publisher, and the implications for your readers across various media.
  • Collaboration vs competition, and protecting your work: when to work with, as opposed to alone or against, another writer or a publication.
  • Interviewing your subjects: when it’s useful, and when it works against your own critical line. We’ll also touch on the etiquette, ethics, and skills of interviewing.

Applications (below) should be sent to, copying Please follow the instructions in the attached application form.


Momus serves an art-conscious community that seeks accountable, considered, and evaluative art criticism. Founded in 2014 by Sky Goodden, Momus has quickly established itself as a leader in the resurgence of art criticism. One of its central mandates is to foster and publish emerging writers and to provide greater access and direction to the discourse of contemporary art. Momus has garnered more than 900,000 readers in Canada and around the world since its inauguration in 2014. In 2017, Momus evolved its platform to include a podcast and published its first print anthology. Momus has twice been shortlisted for the International Award for Art Criticism.

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