Who can use Curriculab?

Curriculab is for faculty members or departments 

  • Small – individual courses

  • Medium – program reviews

  • Large – new programs

  • Faculty members or departments should reach out to the Associate Dean, Academic in the Faculty of Fine Arts to participate.

How it works

Operating on a volunteer basis, departments will apply to enter the Curriculab platform, after which mentorship would include initiatives such as:  

  • Meetings with Donna Goodleaf at CTL to explore ways to decolonize curriculum
  • Creating connections with colleagues in different departments or faculties who are working on similar changes  
  • Brainstorming sessions to open up future thinking.  
  • Support from subject matter experts who can help guide decolonization, antiracism, and sustainability initiatives. 

The ultimate goal of Curriculab is to have a long-term platform that allows faculty members and departments to explore radical change and to develop the skills, expertise, and confidence to make changes together. 

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