Strategic Plan Committee

The objective of the Strategic Plan Committee is to bring a diversity of voices and experiences around the table to create together a document that will resonate with our different constituencies. We trust that the life, work and study experience you bring to the table will be what we need.

What this role is/what it is not:

All FoFA community members will be invited to participate in strategic plan consultations during the Jan-Apr 2022 period.
The committee members will then come together at a facilitated retreat in April. The committee will help bring forward the ‘pulse’ of the community into a collectively crafted document grounded in the results of the consultations. Committee members will not be expected to conduct or facilitate consultations, nor to advocate for particular positions.

Committee members


Annie Gerin


Undergrad student: Aaliyah Crawford

Grad student: Matthew-Robin Nye


Studies area: Dave Douglas

Performance area: Shauna Janssen

Professional area: Manuelle Freire

Studio area: Surabhi Ghosh


Office: Marc Wieser

Technical: Marcus von Holtzendorff

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