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Joyce Barakett, PhD

Professor Emeritus, Education

Dr. Barakett is a sociologist who conducts research in sociology of education, critical pedagogy and the use of narratives in classroom practice, critical feminist theory and pedagogy, issues of difference in gender, class, and race, and popular culture, media, and education.


PhD Université de Montreal (1979)
MA McGill University (1972)
BA Sir George Williams University (1966)

Professional experience

Associate Professor of Education, Concordia University - 1983 - present
Assistant Professor of Education, Concordia University - 1977-1983

Research interests and current projects

Barakett, J. & D'Amico, M.: Reflections of Difference and for Difference
Barakett, J.: Teachers' Narratives from South Africa and New Zealand
Barakett, J.: The Use of Critical Pedagogy and Narrative: an Alternative to Traditional Schooling

Courses taught

School and Society
Sociology of Education
Issues of Difference: Gender, Class, Race, and Sexual Orientation
Gender and Education
Popular Culture, Media, and Education
Education and Socialization Process
Sex Role Socializtion
Innovations in Education
Qualitative Research Methods
Social Implications of Technology in Education
Multiculturalism and Education

Selected publications

Barakett, J & Cleghorn, A. (2000) Sociology of Education: An Introductory view from Canada, Toronto, Prentice Hall. (pp. 155).

Barakett, J. & Saaca, E. (2002). Narratives empowering Teachers and Students:
Educational and Cultural Practice Chapter in Contemporary Issues in Art Education for Elementary Educators. (Eds.). Gaudelius, Y. & Speirs, P. Pennsulvania: Prentice Hall. (pp. 39-50).

Barakett, J., D’Amico, M. & Leonard, J. (2003). Reclaiming an education
through critical pedagogy. Journal of Child and Youth Care Work., Vol 18. 21-29.

Barakett, J. & Sacca, E. (2001), in collaboration with Judy Freedman. Video Art and Scoial Reconstruction: A Case Study. Transformations.Vol. X11. (1). 93-107.

Barakett J. & Leonard, J. (1999) Resisting youth subcultures: Classroom practices and critical pedagogy, Transformations,10 (2). 85-93.

Sacca. E. & Barakett, J. (1999). Art, consciousness and change: Jolene Richard and Paulo Freire, School Arts., 99 (1). 44-48.

Barakett, J. & Prochner, L.(1987).The Effects of Computer Use on Early Childhood Socialization. Computers and Society. New York. 16 (4). 19-27.

Barakett, J. (1986). Teachers' Theories and Methods in Structuring Routine Activities in the School, Canadian Journal of Education, 2 (2). 91-108.

Barakett, J. (1982). Alternative Views of the Relationship Between Education and Social Inequality, Alberta Journal of Educational Research. 28 (4). 360-371.

Barakett, J. (1981). Social Typing in an Inner City School. Research in Education, Manchester University Press. 26. 77-88.

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