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Academic Advisor and Associate Professor, Photography



a.k.a. Celluloso Evergonni, Eve R.Gonzales, Egon Brut

Evergon's work represents a 38-yearinternational career as educator and artist/photographer imagingprimarily gay male culture. Concerned with technology, his works haveexplored non-silver processes, electrostatic works, instant imaging(culminating in 1 x 2 m colour Polaroids), life-size holograms,silver gelatin prints and digital imaging. Recent bodies of workinclude Ramboys: a Bookless Novel (a fabricated document ofboy culture), Manscapes (documented fiction/action of cruisinggrounds), Margaret & I (larger-than-life nudes of hismother), Chez Moi: Domestic Content (images gleaned from histrove of memorabilia and self-portraits) and XXX/L(re-enactment images of self with models exploring the relationshipbetween imaged pornography and icons of Western art.

Evergon is currently working on imageand text-based PassionPlays.

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