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Marking expo67's 50th anniversary, interviews with contemporary artists reimagining Montreal's iconic world's fair...hosted by Monika Gagnon.

Francine Pelletier

Host: Monika Kin Gagnon

Monika Kin Gagnon is professor of Communication Studies at Concordia University and co-director of CINEMAexpo67 with Janine Marchessault (York). She has published on cultural politics, the visual and media arts since the 1980s, including Other Conundrums: Race, Culture and Canadian Art (2000), 13 Conversations about Art and Cultural Race Politics (2002) with Richard Fung, and co-editor of Reimagining Cinema: Film at Expo 67 with Janine Marchessault (2014).                       

In 2009 she undertook the DVD-catalogue and restoration, Charles Gagnon: 4 Films(2009), based on her late artist-father’s experimental 1960’s films, and the related interactive database Korsakow film Archiving R69 (2011) which chronicles working with R69 using original film, still images, and interviews. She attended the Independent Imaging Retreat  (“Film Farm”) in Mount Forest in 2010 and 2012.

Her current research is on cultural memory, creative archiving, and experimental media arts, and has included curating as well as creative solutions to conventional archiving of experimental media. 

Production team

TOL podcasts are team efforts, shaped by the strength of our faculty members and researchers. Thanks to Monika Gagnon, Professor, Communication Studies for her work as host, contributor and guide on all things expo67, and to the Faculty of Fine Arts.

  • Monika Kin Gagnon (Host)
  • Johanne Pelletier (Executive Producer)
  • Salvatore Barrera (Technical Director)
  • Jackie Gallant (Music)
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