TOL 2067

2067 is a TOL podcast miniseries about the future, seen through the lens of emerging research interests at Concordia University. Hosted by Francine Pelletier.

Francine Pelletier

Host: Francine Pelletier

Concordia is pleased to have Francine Pelletier hosting the 2067 mini-series on research and the future.

Francine Pelletier has been a journalist and political commentator for over 30 years, working in both French and English, and contributing to both electronic and traditional print media. She is a co-founder of the magazine La Vie en rose (1980-87), and has written for La Presse (1988-92), numerous magazines including L'Actualité, Macleans, Châtelaine, and contributedto television productions such as Sunday Edition (CTV) and The Editors (PBS).   She has been a political correspondent with Radio-Canada and CBC Radio, and was contributor and co-host of CBC's the fifth estate (1995-2000). Today she juggles a busy  schedule of teaching at Concordia's Journalism Department, writing a weekly column for Le Devoir newspaper and directing documentary films.  

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Production team

The TOL podcasts are produced by a team at Concordia university interested in connecting university research and big ideas to public interest.  

  • Francine Pelletier (Host)
  • Johanne Pelletier (Executive Producer)
  • Marie-Christine Houle (Producer)
  • Clea Desjardins (Producer/interviewer)
  • Fiona Downey (Producer)
  • Salvatore Barrera (Technical Director)
  • Jackie Gallant (Music)
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