Clive Thompson Clive Thompson
Mia Consalvo Mia Consalvo

January 28, 6:30pm: Games, Ethics and How We Connect

Clive Thompson and Mia Consalvo, moderated by André Picard (The Globe and Mail)

Clive Thompson (Smarter Than you Think: How Technology is Changing Our Minds for the Better) and Concordia’s Mia Consalvo (Professor, Video game studies) in conversation on how games help us connect socially, the ethics of communications technologies and the impact of online technologies on our off-line lives. How do your games help you connect?




William-Bukowski-600x400 William Bukowski
pinker Susan Pinker

February 11, 6:30pm: Connecting and Wellness - Your Brain Matters

Susan Pinker and William Bukowski, moderated by Wency Leung (The Globe and Mail)

Susan Pinker (The Village Effect: Why Face-to-Face Contact Matters) and Concordia’s William Bukowski (Department of Psychology) in conversation on the importance of face-to-face contact in a time of disbanded families and virtual connections, and how our biology is affected by feeling and why connecting with others matters. Come explore the biology of connecting.




Nora_Young-HiRes-Oct2013-940-620x242 Nora Young
Jeremy Clark Jeremy Clark

March 1, 6:30pm: Connecting Your Tech Future - A Conversation About What’s Next

Nora Young and Jeremy Clark, moderated by Jared Bland (The Globe and Mail)

Nora Young (broadcaster and author of The Virtual Self) and Concordia’s Jeremy Clark (Information Systems) in conversation on what privacy means in a context where self-tracking and sharing are routine (fitbit, facebook). How does all this self-tracking relate to how connected we feel? How safe are we when so much of our personal information is on line? What’s next?




Chantal Hébert Chantal Hébert

March 2, 7:00pm: The post-election landscape — Can Quebec and Canada really get along

Reader’s Digest Annual Lecture Series in Journalism with Chantal Hébert

Hear Canadian journalist Chantal Hébert (Toronto Star, Le Devoir, L'Actualité) deliver the 2016 Reader’s Digest Annual Lecture Series in Journalism, moderated by Francine Pelletier.




Joseph Boyden Joseph Boyden
Rebecca Duclos Rebecca Duclos
Jill Didur Jill Didur


March 7, 6:30pm: Talking Liberal Arts

Joseph Boyden, Rebecca Duclos and Jill Didur 

What does a liberal arts education mean and why is it important? Join Joseph Boyden and Concordia's Rebecca Duclos (Dean, Faculty of Fine Arts) and Jill Didur (Associate Professor, Department of English) in conversation on the future and challenges to the liberal arts.  This event is made possible through a collaboration with the Federation of Humanities and Social Sciences Big Thinking series.



Kathy Reichs Kathy Reichs
Cameron Skinner and Brigitte Desharnais Cameron Skinner and Brigitte Desharnais

March 14, 6:30pm: Connect the Dots - The Science of Crime

Kathy Reichs, Cameron Skinner and Brigitte Desharnais, moderated by André Picard (The Globe and Mail)

Kathy Reichs (forensic anthropologist, author) in conversation with Concordia’s Cameron Skinner and Brigitte Desharnais (Chemisty/Biochemistry), on the complex stories emerging from science and how they help us connect the dots. Come hear the real deal on CSI-style science and crime solving.




Silvy Panet-Raymond Silvy Panet-Raymond

Robert Lepage Robert Lepage

March 30, 2:00pm: Being Instrumental - A conversation about new directions in performance creation with Robert Lepage and Silvy Panet-Raymond

Mary-Ann Beckett Baxter Memorial Lecture

Concordia University is pleased to host Robert Lepage in conversation with Concordia's Silvy Panet-Raymond about his own creative process and views on new directions in performance creation. What does the development of a new Performance Creation program mean for contemporary dance, music and theatre education?




Ann-Marie MacDonald Ann-Marie MacDonald

April 19, 7:00pm: An evening with Ann-Marie MacDonald, Concordia’s Richler Writer in Residence 2015/16

Award winning Canadian author, playwright and actor Ann-Marie MacDonald is Concordia University’s inaugural Mordecai Richler Writer-In-Residence. As part of her residency MacDonald produced digital dispatches from Concordia’s Richler Room, and worked with creative writing students in a series of masterclasses. Join Ann-Marie MacDonald and Concordia students for a dynamic multi-media debrief on the writing life, literature, and Richler’s legacy.


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