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The Centre for Engineering in Society is the site of complementary engineering education in the Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science. Our goal is to assist students as they develop skills in communication, innovation, critical reasoning and an understanding of the relationship between technology and society on a global scale. Read our mission and vision statement.


Our courses focus on core skills identified by the Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board and in the Concordia Strategic Plan, communication, analytical and synthetic thinking, professionalism, and ethical practice. Through these courses, students gain an appreciation of how their skills influence social and technological change. See our courses.


Our faculty research takes an interdisciplinary approach to the public, policy, social, and ethical factors that shape our relationship to technology. Learn more about faculty research.

Research opportunities in CES are available to highly motivated and academically sound students. We welcome inquiries from students interested in exploring technology-related questions in global engineering, rhetoric, technical communication, risk, and the social impact of engineering. See more information about graduate and undergraduate research opportunities.


To help the Faculty community stay abreast of the latest best practices in complementary engineering education, we host occasional lectures and GradProSkills offerings. We also support learning in District 3 Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre.

We also administer the Engineering Writing Test and have created a Form and Style Guide to assist students with writing technical reports.


  • Nancy Acemian, Senior Lecturer
  • Brandiff Caron, Assistant Professor & Associate Chair
  • Govind Gopakumar, Associate Professor & Chair
  • Farrah Fayyaz, Lecturer
  • Ketra Schmitt, Associate Professor; Director, Individualized Programs
  • Matthew Harsh, Associate Professor
  • Catharine Marsden, Associate Professor
  • Ketra Schmitt, Associate Professor

Read more about our researchers.

Job Opportunities

Tenure-track position in the area of Technical Communication

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