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  • Ciprian Alecsandru
    Associate Professor

    Transportation Engineering and Design, Traffic operations and control, Traffic simulation, Intelligent transportation systems, Artificial intelligence applications in transportation
  • Luis Amador Jimenez
    Associate Professor

    Transportation Engineering and Asset Management, Road Safety and Highway Planning, Land Use and Transport Modeling for Transportation Asset Management, Practicalities on Infrastructure Management Systems: Treatments Effectiveness, Homogeneous Groups, Spatial-Temporal Coordination of Activities and Re-optimization,
  • Chunjiang An
    Assistant Professor

    Solid Waste Composting and Digestion, Waste Utilization and Resource Recovery, Advanced Physiochemical and Biological Treatment, Contaminant Transport in Multiphase, Environmental Risk Assessment and Management, Synchrotron-Assisted Environmental Process Analysis, Surface Water and Groundwater Quality, Environmental Sustainability
  • (Director, Concordia Centre for Zero Energy Building Studies (EV 15.101))
    Solar Energy Engineering, Energy Efficiency, Renewable energy, energy efficiency. Integrated photovoltaics/solar energy utilization systems, Modeling, optimization and control of building thermal systems, Heating ventilation air-conditioning (HVAC), Numerical simulation of heat transfer, Thermal performance of the building envelope,
  • Ashutosh Bagchi
    Professor & Chair

    Structural Engineering, Structural dynamics and earthquake Engineering, Rehabilitation and structural health monitoring (SHM) of civil infrastructure, Reinforced concrete structures, Finite and boundary element methods, Computer aided design and engineering / Information technology
  • Anjan Bhowmick
    Associate Professor

    Structural Engineering, Seismic design and analysis of steel and reinforced concrete structures, Bridge Engineering, Seismic rehabilitation of steel structures, Fatigue of steel structures, Connections of steel structures
  • Zhi Chen

    Environmental Engineering, Modeling of pollutant’s fate and transport in the environment, Risk assessment, air pollution, and environmental application of systems analysis and information technology, Pollution control planning, Management of soil and groundwater contamination, and coastal environmental protection.

  • Environmental Engineering, Bio-physico-chemical interaction phenomena in soil/groundwater/contaminant matrix, Biosolids management, Site assessment & remediation - biological, physical and chemical techniques, Modelling of contaminant transport in water, sediments and biota, Management for Acid Sulfate Soils, Waste disposal facilities - landfill, recycling, and recovery

  • Structural Engineering, Seismic rehabilitation of reinforced concrete and masonry structures, Applications of advanced composite materials in upgrading of structures, Performance-based design of structures, Modeling of building structures and bridges, Earthquake engineering and structural dynamics
  • Ferawati Gani
    Assistant Professor

  • Hua Ge
    Associate Professor

    wind-driven rain, hygrothermal performance of building envelopes, advanced building facades, innovative & durable wood-frame construction, low-energy buildings
  • Kinh H. Ha

    Structural Engineering, Structural systems, Finite element analysis, Structural mechanics, Computer aided design

  • Indoor Air Quality and Ventilation, Building material characterization, Modeling of airflow and contaminant dispersal, Indoor air environmental control strategies, Measurement techniques for airflow and indoor Air Quality, Advanced ventilation technologies (Hybrid ventilation)
  • Sang Hyeok Han
    Assistant Professor

    Modular construction, Construction equipment management, Physical demand analysis, 3D visualization of construction engineering and management, optimization of cloud-based planning and scheduling, safety and productivity analysis
  • Adel M. Hanna

    Geotechnical Engineering, Soil-structure interaction, Bearing and uplift capacities of pile foundations, Pull-out capacity of plate and helical anchors, Performance of shell type foundations, Performance of subgrade and pavement materials in highways
  • Jassim Hassan
    Senior Lecturer

    Structural engineering, Structural analysis, Finite element modelling and analysis, Structural mechanics, Structural elastic stability, Structural dynamics, Earthquake engineering, Tall buildings, Reinforced and Prestressed concrete slab analysis and design, Precast concrete structures.
  • Bruno Lee
    Assistant Professor

    Building Energy Performance Assessment, Computational Simulation, Integrated Building Design, Energy Efficiency, Robust Performance Systems, Sustainable Design Criteria
  • Joonhee Lee
    Assistant Professor

    HVAC Noise,Room Acoustics Simulation/Reproduction, Noise Prediction, Noise-induced Perception, Acoustic measurement, Psychoacoustics, Sound Quality, Acoustic Data Mining
  • Biao Li
    Assistant Professor

    Soil mechanics, Frozen soil, Rock mechanics, Constitutive modeling, Energy and Environmental Geomechanics, Finite element modeling, Thermal-hydro-mechanical coupling, Soil-structure interaction
  • S. Samuel Li

    Hydraulics and Water Resources, Sediment transport in gravel-bed rivers and river erosion, Computational methods in river hydraulics and density-stratified flow, Pollutant transport and turbulent mixing in shallow waters, Water-ice interaction, Coastal hydraulic
  • Lan Lin
    Associate Professor

    Structural Engineering, Seismic performance of buildings and bridges, Performance-based earthquake engineering, Development of seismic fragility curves for buildings and bridges, Development of improved intensity measures for probabilistic seismic, demand analysis, Seismic risk assessment using HAZUS-MH, Characterization of seismic ground motions

  • Construction Engineering and Management, Integrated cost and time control & project risk assessment, Planning, tracking and control of construction operations, Web-based project performance system, Optimization model for site selection and evaluation

  • Environmental Engineering, Surfactant-enhanced washing and flushing of contaminated soils and sediments, Treatment and management of metal-contaminated soils, sediments and wastes, Bioremediation, Physical, chemical and biological treatment of wastewater, Biological treatment of air.
  • Mazdak Nik-Bakht
    Assistant Professor

    Construction Engineering & Management Infrastructure Management
  • Fuzhan Nasiri
    Assistant Professor

    Sustainable Cities & Urban Built Environment, Infrastructure Management, Energy Modelling & Optimization, Water Systems Analysis, Environmental Engineering, Water-Energy Nexus, Facilities Management, Risk, Resilience & Reliability Analysis
  • Ali Nazemi
    Assistant Professor

    Hydrology, water security and climate change, coupled human-water systems, mathematical modeling and algorithm development
  • Michelle Nokken

    Concrete Durability, Improvement of Durability Test Methods, Rapid Quality Control Testing, Cemented Mine Backfill
  • Saifur Rahaman
    Associate Professor

    Environmental Engineering, Environmental applications and implications of nanomaterials, Membrane separations, Electrochemical advanced oxidation, Resource recovery from waste, Process modelling for advanced treatment technologies
  • Ahmed Soliman
    Assistant Professor

    construction materials, nano-technology, green and smart materials, stimuli-responsive materials

  • Wind Engineering, Wind effects on buildings & building aerodynamics, Wind environment, Dispersion of pollutants in the urban environment, Computational wind engineering, Codification of wind effects
  • Lucia Tirca
    Associate Professor

    Structural Engineering, Design Buildings to Withstand Seismic Forces, Design Steel Structures with Different Dissipation Devices, Seismic Retrofit and Rehabilitation of Existing Steel Structures, Resilience Based Design Modeling of Steel Structures
  • Liangzhu (Leon) Wang
    Associate Professor

    Building Environment, Forecasting/Hybrid building simulations using weather forecasting models, Building airflow and thermal management, Real-time building simulations

  • HVAC and Control Systems, Decentralized and Multivariable controls, Optimization of HVAC processes, Experimental Methods in HVAC Controls, Computer-Aided Design of HVAC Systems, Diagnostics of HVAC Systems

  • Construction Engineering and Management, Building Information Modeling with Data Sensing and Analysis, Transmission Pipelines Inspection and Condition Assessment, Project Constructability and Productivity Analysis

  • Energy Efficiency, Design and analysis of energy-efficient buildings, Sustainable development concept applied to buildings, Second law analysis of HVAC systems, Optimization of life cycle performance of buildings and HVAC systems, Computer modelling of energy performance of buildings and HVAC systems, Computer modelling of refrigeration systems for ice rinks, Net zero energy houses,
  • Attila Michael Zsaki
    Associate Professor

    Rock mechanics. Computational geomechanics. Continuum and discontinuum mechanics. Scientific computing. Geometric modeling.

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Ali Bahloul

Amin Hammad

Jose Candanedo

Katherine D'Avignon

Laleh Yerushalmi

Robert Reimers





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