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Braiding machine
Concordia Center for Composites (CONCOM) 

Dr. Suong Hoa

CONCOM has carried out research projects in composites since its establishment in 1979. The interest of researchers at the CONCOM center covers many areas: polymer composites, nanocomposites, polymer/metalic alloy, design of composite structures, testing of materials structures and properties, and development of new materials and manufacturing techniques. 
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Engineering Design and Manufacturing Laboratories

Dr. Chevy Chen

The Engineering Design and Manufacturing Laboratories [EDML] are the heart of manufacturing in Concordia's Department of Mechanical, Industrial and Aerospace Engineering. Renovated in 2007, the facility is divided into two areas, EDML A [advanced] and EDML B [basic], located in the Hall Building. The space is designed with emphasis on safety and efficiency. Protocols are in place to establish a clear way for students, at all levels, to have the opportunity to work with professional industrial quality machinery. Exposure and even access to advanced CNC and CMM machinery is possible! Learn more about EDML

Controls and Robotics Group (CRG)

Dr. Kash Khorasani

The mission of the Control and Robotics Group (CRG) is to provide a world-class research and educational facility for preparing and training highly motivated and qualified students who will play a significant role in the advancement of high technology, and to provide knowledge and skills that will foster life long learning experience. Visit CRG website

Flight Simulator Laboratory

Dr. Luis Rodrigues

The Flight Simulator Laboratory provides hands-on experience with avionics navigation systems, cockpit instruments and navigation. Students are able to design flight controls and test controls in simulated flight. Visit the Flight Simulator Lab page and photos

Thermodynamics of Materials Research Lab (TMG) 

Dr. Mamoun Medraj

The Thermodynamics of Materials research laboratory is located in the Sir George Williams Campus at the heart of downtown Montreal. The experimental facilities and offices are on the 13th floor of the state of the art Engineering (EV) building built in 2005 that features abundant amenities, underground access to the subway and breathtaking view of the Champlain Bridge. Visit TMG website.

Networked Autonomous Vehicles (NAV) Lab and Diagnosis, Flight Control and Simulation (DFCS) Laboratory

Dr. Youmin Zhang

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