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Industrial Advisory Council

The Industrial Advisory Council is committed to advancing the interests of the Faculty within the context of Concordia’s goals, as stated in the University mission statement. In particular, the Council aims to assist in fostering excellence in academic programs and research, to ensure their relevance, and to enhance the development of the Faculty’s relationships with industry as well as public and parapublic institutions related to engineering and computer science.

The specific objectives of the Faculty Industrial Advisory Council are as follows:

  • to ensure the Faculty is properly informed as to the expectations of the professions for which it is educating its students
  • to help articulate the Faculty’s goals, provide advice on strategic planning, and assist in program development as well as in the evaluation of its performance
  • to enhance the Faculty’s profile in the relevant professional fields
  • to provide members of the Faculty’s academic community with effective links with industry, government bodies and individuals
  • to assist the Faculty in attracting speakers, lecturers, and visiting faculty from among practicing engineers and computer scientists
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