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ListServ replaces Majordomo

Get to know the easier, user-friendly way to update your email lists
September 30, 2020
By Shannon Baker

On September 23, all existing Majordomo lists were migrated to a new service called ListServ. The new electronic mailing list software offers a user-friendly platform and a comprehensive set of list management tools for both list owners and subscribers alike.

New features

Key features that were not previously available include the ability to manage subscribers, compose and send messages via the web interface, authenticate using a Concordia Exchange email account, and have multiple owners on email lists.

Signing in

The new electronic mailing list software is accessible via List owners can sign in using a valid Concordia email address as their username.


During the migration, all list names, owners and subscribers were transferred over to ListServ. Invalid subscriber email addresses and subscriber display names were removed during the transition. Any changes made to Majordomo lists after the September 23 migration will need to be recreated in ListServ.

Additionally, during the migration, all lists have been configured to the “private list” and “subscription by owner only” default setting. For assistance with changing or modifying your list’s configuration, please contact  


If you need help with the Majordomo migration, please email


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