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The resilient investor

Dario Mazzarello, BComm 93
By Damon van der Linde

Dario Mazzarello, BComm 93 “I was fortunate enough to work alongside Stephen Jarislowsky, LLD 03, and learned a great deal about investment management from one of the best in the industry.”

The 2008 financial crisis was the worst economic disaster since the Great Depression. When stock markets plummeted, nearly US$8 trillion in value was wiped out in less than two years and many people lost their jobs.

As a person involved in the money management of some of the biggest investors in Canada and the United States, this was by far the biggest challenge of Dario Mazzarello’s career.

“It was a difficult and uncertain time for many, especially for those working in the finance industry,” says Mazzarello, Managing Director of Institutional Management — US and International, at Jarislowsky Fraser.

Now a managing director at the firm founded by legendary investor Stephen Jarislowsky, Mazzarello believes experiencing the financial crisis made him more resilient and aware of how volatile the world can be. It also equipped him with the experience and tools to explain as well as comfort his clients during market corrections and volatility.

“Our firm’s portfolios performed relatively well for our clients during one of the worst stock market corrections in history and I was fortunate to experience this earlier in my career,” he says.

“All young investment professionals should experience market corrections, just not at the scale of 2008!”

Inspiration while studying at Concordia

“Studying finance at Concordia, I was always inspired by the successful fundamental investing of Stephen Jarislowsky, LLD 03. Over the years, I was fortunate enough to work alongside Stephen and learned a great deal about investment management from one of the best in the industry.”

Concordia’s contribution to success

“It was a rigorous program that challenged us, taught discipline and strong organizational skills. In recent years, we have hired graduates for positions or internships from Concordia’s John Molson School of Business.”

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