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Concordia’s celluloid heroes at TIFF

Toronto International Film Festival screens short and long films by alumni
September 7, 2016
By Howard Bokser

Concordian-made films will be prominent when the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) opens on September 8.

Among the nearly 400 movies to be shown at the 41st TIFF, one of the world’s top showcases, are three feature-length films and three short films by Concordia alumni.

Here is brief guide to Concordians’ celluloid creations to be screened at TIFF, which runs September 8 to 18:


Two Lovers and a Bear, directed by Kim Nguyen, BFA (film prod.) 97, North American premiere

This film is set in near the North Pole, in a modern town where about 200 souls live precariously in minus 50 degree weather and where roads lead to nowhere but the endless white. It is in this eerie lunar landscape that Lucy (Tatiana Maslany) and Roman (Dane DeHaan), two young tormented souls, fell in love. But now, ghosts from Lucy’s past are coming back. 

Two Lovers and a Bear Two Lovers and a Bear by Kim Nguyen | Photo: Courtesy of TIFF

Prank, directed by Vincent Biron, BFA (film prod.) 08, North American premiere

Stefie, a lonely young boy, is approached by Martin, Jean-Sé and Lea to record their daily pranks with his cellphone. The four pranksters decide to set up a stunt that goes beyond anything they’ve done so far — but who will be the victim? Prank is a funny and sometimes scary coming-of-age story.

Prank by Vincent Biron Prank by Vincent Biron | Photo: Courtesy of TIFF

Boundaries (Pays), directed by Chloé Robichaud, BFA (film prod.) 10, world premiere

The paths of three women cross in Besco, a small isolated island facing an important economic crisis. Starring Macha Grenon, Emily VanCamp, Nathalie Doummar and Rémy Girard.

Boundaries (Pays) by Chloé Robichaud Boundaries (Pays) by Chloé Robichaud | Photo: Courtesy of TIFF

Short cuts

CYCLES, directed by Joe Cobden, BFA (theatre perf.) 15, world premiere

A man is stuck in loops of abstract memories after a relationship suddenly ends. He relives the love lost, from first meeting to last goodbye.

CYCLES by Joe Cobden CYCLES by Joe Cobden | Photo: Courtesy of TIFF

A Funeral for Lightning, directed by Emily Kai Bock, attendee (film prod.), world premiere:

Seven months pregnant, a young woman is stuck living off-the-grid, under her husband’s pretense of a “free life,” as he pursues other ambitions.

A Funeral for Lightning by Emily Kai Bock A Funeral for Lightning by Emily Kai Bock | Photo: Courtesy of TIFF

Nutag – Homeland, directed by Alisi Telengut, BFA (film animation) 13, MFA (studio arts) 16, North American premiere: A non-narrative hand-painted visual poem about diaspora, homeland and the tragic mass-deportations of the Kalmyk people during the Second World 

Nutag — Homeland by Alisi Telengut Nutag — Homeland by Alisi Telengut | Photo: Courtesy of TIFF

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