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Concordia’s professional employees sign a new contract with the university

CUPEU and Concordia ink the agreement before the summer break
June 5, 2018
By Sylvie Babarik


The Concordia University Professional Employee Union (CUPEU) has signed a new collective agreement with the university. The two parties made it official on May 18, following months of fine-tuning.

“The negotiation process is fascinating because you have to find a middle ground and respect one another’s needs,” says Gillian Roper, president of CUPEU.

“One change that we are quite happy about is that this agreement is also available to members in English.”

CUPEU represents a diverse group of more than 400 employees at the university, ranging from nurses and advisors to information technology and financial specialists.

A particular challenge of the agreement was balancing the needs of year-round staff with those of union members who are employed from August to May, year after year.

“Some CUPEU jobs are seasonal and follow the academic calendar. We recognize their importance and worked with CUPEU to balance the needs of employees and Concordia,” says Carolina Willsher, associate vice-president of Human Resources.

The two parties have a few months of downtime before starting work on the next collective agreement, possibly as early as this fall.

“Those involved in reaching this agreement can feel proud of all the work they have done for the university and for their colleagues,” says Roger Côté, Concordia’s vice-president of Services.

“We really appreciate the respect and attention that they bring to the negotiation table.”

Read the CUPEU collective agreement



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