Concordia signs a new labour agreement with CUCEPTFU

The VP of Services praised the commitment of the negotiating teams
February 8, 2018
By Sylvie Babarik


The union representing Continuing Education instructors has signed a new contract agreement with Concordia.

Negotiations took over a year to complete, in part due to a thorough review of certain elements of the new contract.

“We undertook a serious review of the agreement, with our shared, student-centred vision, and a desire to sustainably develop a safe and harmonious working environment for all,” says Isabel Dunnigan, executive director of Concordia Continuing Education (CCE).

“It was clear throughout that union members are dedicated to their teaching and their students. That’s something we sincerely appreciate, respect and value at CCE.”

The union brought the agreement to its members at the end of September, 2017. CUCEPTFU president, Marylee Wholey, says the adaptability of the membership in their approach to teaching carried over to the negotiation process.

“We are always looking to innovate in our teaching practice and we appreciate that Concordia remains receptive and collaborative in its response to our members,” she says.

“Our faculty is committed to students and the quality of education we can provide to them.”

The new agreement was approved by the Board of Governors in early December 2017.

The signing took place on February 7, bringing together representatives from both the union and the university.

“The negotiating teams did not shy away from challenges,” said Roger Côté, vice-president of Services. “They found a way to better align themselves, a sign of commitment that should serve everyone involved.”

Learn more about CUCEPTFU and the new agreement by consulting Concordia’s Labour Relations pages.


Present on behalf of the university:

Alan Shepard, president
Graham Carr, provost
Roger Côté, vice-president of Services
Carolina Willsher, associate vice-president of Human Resources
Isabel Dunnigan, executive director of Concordia Continuing Education
Sonia Coutu, executive director of Employee and Labour Relations
John Dickson, director of operations at Concordia Continuing Education

Present on behalf of CUCEPTFU:

Marylee Wholey, CUCEPTFU president
Perry Shearwood, vice-president, Collective Agreement


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