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On March 29, celebrate Concordia's cultural diversity with food, music and more during AIESEC's Global Village
March 24, 2016
By Josh Hawley


It’s your chance to learn about other cultures through food, music, dancing and stories in an informal environment.

On Tuesday, March 29, several of Concordia's cultural student groups will set up in the the atrium of the Engineering, Computer Science and Visual Arts Integrated Complex for AIESEC Concordia's Global Village.

AIESEC was founded after World War II as a way of bridging cultural divides through professional training in foreign countries.

"We are a group on campus dedicated to facilitating internships abroad for students to develop their leadership potential," explains Concordia member Emmett Anderson. "Global Village brings different cultural groups at the university together to celebrate and learn about our diverse student body."

In preparation for the event, Stephani Moukhaiber, AIESEC Concordia's vice-president of Marketing and Communications, approached many of Concordia's cultural student groups.

The African and Caribbean Students' Network of Canada (ACSioN-Concordia), the African Students' Association of Concordia (ASAC), the Traditional Chinese Han Culture club, the Jordanian Student Association and the UNICEF Concordia Association responded to the call. They'll provide food, music and educational materials about cultural diversity on campus and abroad.

Andile Win, ASAC's vice-president of Internal Affairs, says the Global Village is an excellent way to connect with Concordia's international community. During the event, ASAC will be promoting their cultural showcase, Uzuri, happening on April 9.

"It's an original piece of theatre in which the lead character is an everyman who symbolizes those who struggle with the idea of belonging to neither one’s native nor adopted culture,” he explains. “We hope to engage people in discussion and get them to come to the show."

AIESEC has 29 chapters in Canada. AIESEC Concordia has 55 active members and has sent students to countries including Brazil, Taiwan, Vietnam and Mexico. They offer two types of international internship programs: Global Citizen, for volunteer positions, and Global Talent, for paid positions.

AIESEC intern Kanku Fuamba enjoying Escadaria Selarón (Selarón Steps) in the district of Lapa, Rio de Janeiro. | Photo by Kanku Fuamba

One student’s experience

Kanku Fuamba, a third-year Concordia student in International Business and Finance, went to Sao Paolo, Brazil, on a Global Citizen internship last summer. Working for an NGO that provides education through sport to vulnerable children, she created promotional materials and helped draft grant proposals.

“I developed my leadership skills through the decisions I had to make every day in order to promote the NGO in the best way possible,” Fuamba says. “I also had the chance to work with Brazilians as well as interns from different parts of the world, which made my experience even more fulfilling.”

Moukhaiber points out that AIESEC is currently recruiting its last wave of interns for the summer. "We urge people to sign up directly should they want to intern abroad starting in May.”

In the meantime, Tuesday's Global Village is a lively, convenient and delicious way to find out more about AIESEC and Concordia's cultural student associations, she says.

“Since the purpose is to promote diversity on our campus, clubs attending the event will present their culture through food and beverages, clothing and music. There will also be a lot of dancing!”


Stop by AIESEC Concordia's Global Village on Tuesday, March 29, in the atrium of the Engineering, Computer Science and Visual Arts Integrated Complex (1515 Ste-Catherine St. W.), Sir George Williams Campus.

Find out more about international volunteering opportunities through Concordia.


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