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Organizational changes to Services, Human Resources, and External Relations

Senior management responsibility for Human Resources is moving from Services to the newly named sector of Institutional Relations.
May 6, 2011

As part of the commitment by President Frederick Lowy to fill key executive positions at Concordia on a timely basis, and to ensure the continuing diligent management of the university, the search for the Vice-President, Services will be accelerated and the broad Services portfolio will be modified. Senior management responsibility for Human Resources will move to the newly-named Vice-President, Institutional Relations and Secretary General, effective May 9, 2011.

“In preparing the search for a new Vice-President, Services, we reviewed the breadth of the portfolio and determined that the Human Resources department would best continue its work to enhance programs and services within the scope of a newly defined sector of Institutional Relations,” says Lowy. “Our primary focus remains the fostering of an excellent employee experience at Concordia.”

The Vice-President, External Relations and Secretary General, Me Bram Freedman, will become Vice-President, Institutional Relations and Secretary General.

“I am excited to take on the responsibility for this very important unit,” says Freedman. “I look forward to working with Associate Vice-President Carolina Willsher and all of the HR team to continue the improvements that have been made. I am fully committed to the goal of providing a stimulating and productive work environment with fair and competitive remuneration for all of Concordia’s employees. We should never forget that our people are our most valuable assets.”

Freedman will retain his responsibilities for oversight of Government and External Relations, Legal Affairs, Senate and Board administration, Records Management and Archives, Translation Services, the Office of Rights and Responsibilities and the Ombuds Office.

The incoming Vice-President, Services will retain responsibility for key portfolios at Concordia, including Enrolment and Student Services, Facilities Management, Instructional and Information Technology, Security, Environmental Health and Safety, as well as the university’s insurance portfolio, and its Hospitality and Business Operations. This refocus of the services sector mandate reflects Concordia’s priorities in improving services to our community, investing in the university’s facilities, information systems and technology infrastructure, and optimizing its commercial activities and capital projects.

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