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Posted on August 26, 2021

Last updated: August 26, 2021, 3:12 p.m.

Young children in a classroom doing schoolwork Photo by CDC on Unsplash

The following experts are available to address a variety of subjects related to the return to school:

The importance of play in young/elementary school children, socialization
Nina Howe, Professor, Department of Education
Tel: 514-489-4497

Overseeing writing, reading fiction, and reading for pleasure
Sandra Martin-Chang, Professor, Department of Education

How to create room for Indigenous students and staff
Manon Tremblay, Senior Director, Indigenous Directions
Cell: 514-240-0353

Innovation in teaching/distance learning
Ann-Louise Davidson, Associate Professor, Department of Education
Cell: 514-577-2378

Inclusivity in Education, support for International students
Ezgi Ozyonum, PhD student in Education, Public Scholar
Cell: 438-868-5391

Healthy lunches and snacks
Sylvia Santosa, Associate professor, Department of Health, Kinesiology and Applied Physiology
Cell: 514-702-8898

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