22-28 April 2016

Media Monitoring Report for Zimbabwe
Posted on May 6, 2016


Compiled by MIGS Desk Officer for Zimbabwe

  1. Politics and human rights
  2. Economy

1. Human Rights
State-Owned Media

Zimbabwe: Uncle Sam Has No Right to Preach On Human Rights, April 28, 2016, The Herald

  • The US 2015 Country Reports on Human Rights Practices does not report on the United States and not on Zimbabwe.
  • " Every day, the US, through proxy or direct wars, is arbitrarily killing thousands of people in Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen and in many other countries where its foot soldiers, military drones or surrogate militias are deployed."
  • " Just recently, the US extended its destructive embargo on two fertiliser companies - Chemplex and the Zimbabwe Fertiliser Company (ZFC). The companies are the backbone of Zimbabwe's agricultural sector but are now facing a plethora of operational difficulties as they are no longer able to access offshore loans for new capital and for recapitalisation as a result of US sanctions."

Government Values Human Rights, April 26, 2016, The Herald

  • Zimbabwe’s government is among a number of nations dedicated to human rights
  • "However, it is disheartening to note that an outfit calling itself Zimbabwe Peace Project (ZPP) has been asserting that there is shrinking democracy in Zimbabwe. Truth be said, this is untrue. Democracy prevails in Zimbabwe."
  • The recent demonstration by the MDC-T proves that there is indeed democracy in Zimbabwe
  • The launch of the land redistribution programme  is yet another example of the government's preoccupation for the wellbeing of its people
Independent Media

Is Zanu-PF a violent party?, April 28, 2016, Voice of America

  • Reports indicate an escalation of violence in the country as ahead of the 2018 elections. Zimbabwe First Leader Joice Muburu was allegedly intimidated by Zanu-PF activists while homes belonging to supporters of the Renewal Democrats of Zimbabwe in the province of Manicaland were set on fire Tuesday night by suspected Zanu PF activists
  • Zanu PF activist Nick Mangwana said "it is nonsensical to think that the ruling party is a violent organization"

Zimbabwean torture victim pens ordeal, April 20,2016, IOL

  • Mukoko, a Zimbabwean national told IOL she was abducted from her home in the early hours, was tortured while her whereabouts were kept secret.
  • Mukoko says her "crime" had been o expose human rights abuses by President Robert Mugabe's government
  • “I think it is important as Africans to get the views of citizens and also get the views of leaders, because if you just get the views of the leaders you will miss the link between the citizens and their leaders,” said Mukoko.
  • Mukoko said six men bundled her into an unmarked vehicle in 2008

Zimbabwe: CIO, Army, ZRP, Zanu-PF Top List of Human Rights Abusers, April 27, 2016, New Zimbabwe

  • A recent report has put Zimbabwe’s state security organs at the head of a list of violence perpetrators
  • The author of this report, Zimbabwe Peace Project (ZPP) maintained that Zanu-PF was responsible for around 80% of human rights violations
  • "The police made up 6% of perpetrators, the army 4.3%; while suspected members of the Central Intelligence Organisation made up 0.4%," reported the ZPP.
  • The opposition was also found responsible of a significant share of political violence. "MDC-T had 6.8 % of the perpetrators, while MDC party which is led by Welshman Ncube had 0.4 perpetrators.



2. Economy
Privately-owned media

Zimbabwe diamond field seizure raises concerns, April 15, 2016, BDlive.co.za

  • industry analyst Paul Zimnisky says seizing the deposits in Marange, Zimbabwe’s biggest diamond, has cost the economy of Zimbabwe
  • According to Ontario-based Partnership Africa Canada, the takeover of the diamond industry effectively started in 2006 and served to transfer funds to the military behind closed doors
  • According to Human Rights Watch, Zimbabwean soldiers were seen smuggling the precious gems across the border with Mozambique in 2010.
State-Owned Media

To be Born Again or to face expulsion: President, April 9, 2016, The Herald

  • President Robert Mugabe said senior Zanu-PF members had been encouraging dissent among the ranks of the ruling party and that those who did not comply should be expelled.
  • President Mugabe said this infighting was encouraging the opposition to criticizes state projects such as Zim-Asset, a government emergency program aimed at providing vital food aid for the winter.
  • MDC-T youth run amok, April 15, 2016, The Chronicle
  • A gang of MDC-T supporters assaulted a supermarket security guard after address by party leader Morgan Tsvangirai called for the removal of President Robert Mugabe
  • This is one of the many cases of assaults reported by a crowd of MDC-T youth unleashing chaos in Harare. Several vendors said they had been victim of robbery.
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