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15-21 October, 2015

Domestic Media Monitoring Report for Sudan
Posted on October 16, 2015


Compiled by Kitty Shepard

  1. Al-Bashir
  2. Sudan in Yemen
  3. DUP mediates to contain differences within Sudan’s rebel alliance
  4. Sudan begins release blocked supplies
1. Al-Bashir
Independent source

Russia expresses readiness to resolve Sudan-South Sudan differences. - 21st October 2015, Radio Tamazuj

  • Sergey Lavrov, Foreign minister in Russia has stated that the country is ready to lend its support to resolve the Sudan-South Sudan conflict.
  • Meetings are being held to give a forum on Moscow’s intent to standardize relations between the two countries.
  • The Vice President of Sudan has recently held meetings concentrating on economic trade between the two states and plans to increase Russia’s moderator role in the conflict with South Sudan.

Saudis invite Bashir for visit; rights groups urge India to cancel invitation - 20th October 2015, Radio Tamazuj

  • President AlBashir has been invited to a Saudi Arabian summit next November.
  • This announcement was released as human rights groups are campaigning for India to deny albashir entry to the country for his visit.
  • The Saudi Arabian authority has expressed the importance of Sudan being present at this summit.
  • Simultaneously, Human Rights Watch and other human rights groups have taken a central role in urging India to deny access to Al-Bashir for the war crimes and crimes against humanity he has committed.
  • The International Criminal Court have reuttered the charges against al Bashir and that the cooperation of independent nations is crucial to bringing justice to the people of Darfur.


State-owned source

South Africa asks Sudan’s Bashir to stay away from China-Africa summit in December: report - 15TH October 2015, Sudan Tribune

  • South African authorities have asked that a delegate without president Al-Bashir is present at Decembers Forum of China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC)
  • South Africa did not arrest Al-Bashir when he was present at the African union summit earlier this year.
  • South Africa is trying to avoid controversy and opportunities where they might be pushed to fulfill their obligations as an ICC signatory.
  • Ghana president John Mahama has spoken out to defend South Africa’s position to not arrest Al-Bashir, and said that the ICC is an important institution but its biased persecution of African war criminals needs to be addressed.


Saudi King invites Bashir to attend ASPA meeting in Riyadh - 19th October 2015, Sudan Tribune

  • AL Bashir has been invited to attend the summit of South American and Arab countries (ASPA) in November.
  • This demonstrates further strengthening of Sudanese relationships with Saudi Arabia.
  • However, this is simultaneous to a loosening of ties with Iran.
  • Saudi ambassador for Sudan confirmed on Monday that the invitation had been extended.
  • The ASPA is intending to assess the south Sudan situation and work on multilateral levels to achieve concrete negotiations.


Sudan’s Bashir vows to implement the outcome of dialogue conference - 20th October 2015, Sudan Tribune

  • President Al Bashir has recommitted his government to arriving at a concrete solution at the national dialogue.
  • He reiterated that his government had arrived at a concrete vision of the future for his country.
  • This recommitment comes after a repression of rebel movements.
  •  The government has announced plans to strengthen military presence and security across the country in 2016.
  • The Sudanese revolutionary front (SRF) have publicized a cessation for the next six months in which they will engage in peace talks with the government.
  • In the address Al Bashir confirmed that the Doha Document for Peace in Darfur (DDPD) has been extended for another year.
  • The mandate of the Darfur regional authority has been extended until next year.
  • 60 new legislations will pass to increase states ability to implicate justice and security.
  • These legislation will install transparency in the government and working system of the civil service.
  • When addressing foreign policy the president recommitted Sudan to a policy of nonintervention and respecting sovereignty of nations.
  • He aligned itself with the Palestinians in the ongoing conflict.
  • AL Bashir stated that he looks to strengthen relationships with china, turkey and Russia and continue to work out relations with Europe and America.
  • A main priority in foreign policy is to lift existing economic sanctions, foreign aid and international debts.
  • Debts have been estimated at $46million. 
2. Sudan in Yemen

Sudan to send 10,000 troops to join Arab forces in Yemen: report - 20th October 2015, Sudan Tribune

  • More troops have been assigned to the conflict in Yemen.
  • They join the Saudi led coalition to combat the Houthi rebels.
  • Due to their expertise in fighting in mountainous terrain they have been deployed to secure territory and liberate specific areas.
  • President Al Bashir has expressed his readiness to send materials and resources when needed to the conflict in Yemen.
  • Egypt and Palestine long term supporters of Sudan have denied to lend resources to the Saudi led coalition.
  • This is another move to strengthen the Saudi alliance.
  • Traditionally Sudan has supported Iran in their military needs. However this follows Sudanese authorities ordering the closure of key Iranian institutes in Sudan. 
3. DUP mediates to contain differences within Sudan’s rebel alliance

DUP mediates to contain differences within Sudan’s rebel alliance - 21rst October 2015, Sudan tribune

  • The Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) have stepped in to mediate the transition of power internally in the Sudan Revolutionary Forces (SRF).
  • If internal disobedience occurs it could jeopardize the opposition’s collation in addressing the question of a national dialogue.
  • The DUP has been a leading figure in progressing the peace negotiations with the state.
  • The have requested a meeting under the African Union to discuss the necessary ceasefire to continue the dialogue. . 
4. Sudan begins release blocked supplies
International media

Sudan begins releasing blocked supplies for Darfur peacekeepers - 21st October 2015l, Reuters

  • In last week’s report it was reported that the Sudanese state had reprimanded several containers of aid supplies for peacekeeping missions.
  • Since 52 containers have been released with the remaining being processed through Sudanese authorities.
  • The government has defended its actions as they claim UNAMID did not have the correct clearance for the shipment.
  • This accusation has involved the security council of the United Nations. However this involvement has created a positive reaction from the Sudanese authorities. 
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