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Introducing the 2021-22 John Lemieux Faculty Fellow

November 12, 2021
By Kyle Matthews and Marie Lamensch


MIGS is excited to announce that Professor Liam Maloney has been appointed as the inaugural John Lemieux Faculty Fellow at the institute. His fellowship will focus on developing training programs so that journalists and journalism students can use open-source intelligence (OSINT) to better investigate and report on human rights stories.

Liam Maloney is an award-winning documentary photographer, educator and artist based in Montreal. His work has been published in TIME, The Guardian, Foreign Policy, Mother Jones, Le Monde, The Globe and Mail and many others. His installations and photographs have been widely exhibited, from the Nobel Peace Centre to the MoMA.

Maloney is an Assistant Professor at Concordia University's Department of Journalism and an ICP faculty member. His research examines the intersection of technology and intimacy in contemporary conflict zones, where the experience of living through war is heavily mediated by smartphones, social media, propaganda and entertainment, algorithms and neural networks. Maloney is a strong proponent of innovative approaches to the medium that can enliven the industry, engage readers and encourage open dialogue, from immersive installations to the incorporation of digital investigation techniques to support field work.

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