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Nouvelle publication: Passion for gambling: a scoping review

May 14, 2018

Des chercheurs de la Chaire ont publié un nouvel article intitulé Passion for gambling: a scoping review, dans le journal International Gambling Studies.

Résumé (anglais seulement)

Investigating factors that influence a person’s ability to control gambling behaviour is important. The Dualistic Model of Passion, which includes both harmonious and obsessive passion, has proposed an original framework for studying these factors. However, the concept of passion as it pertains to the gambling experience remains relatively new and uncharted territory. This study entails a scoping review undertaken to determine the current state of knowledge concerning passion for gambling, and to provide recommendations for future research directions. The majority of studies included report a positive association between obsessive passion and gambling problems, whereas results related to harmonious passion were less consistent. Recommendations stemming from this scoping review include refining understanding of the relationship between obsessive passion and gambling problems, and broadening research aims to include more diverse sampling, methods and variables of interest when examining the overall contribution of passion to gamblers’ lived experiences. A final recommendation is to initiate research to test the utility of the Gambling Passion Scale in prevention and intervention programming.

Consultez la publication ici.

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