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Workshops & seminars

Hiring and Retaining Indigenous Employees

Pîkiskwêtân Learning Series

Friday, November 26, 2021
10 a.m. – 12 p.m.

Manon Tremblay


This event is free


Indigenous Directions



Pîkiskwêtânthe Indigenous Directions Learning Series, is a continuous series of decolonizing and anti-racist Indigenous awareness training and professional development workshops. The series is open to Concordia staff, faculty and students.


This workshop is designed to help managers and supervisors acquire the tools and skills to effectively hire, retain, mentor and progress the careers of Indigenous employees. Participants will be invited to explore unconscious biases in the hiring, retention and performance evaluation of Indigenous employees.

The workshop provides an overview of the workforce availability of Indigenous peoples and the daily challenges they face in the workplace.

Topics include:

  • how to recognize and put a stop to workplace micro-aggressions, harassment and discrimination; 
  • reasons for attrition; 
  • strategies to effectively manage dubious claims of Indigenous identity; 
  • tokenism; and 
  • having difficult conversations with Indigenous employees.

The workshop will also seek to dispel myths and stereotypes about Indigenous employees and how Indigenous ways of knowing can bring different and exciting new perspectives and dynamics in the workplace.

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