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Beading in 3D: A live workshop with Craig Commanda

Date & time
Monday, June 29, 2020
7 p.m. – 9 p.m.

This event is free






Join us on June 29 for a live online workshop with multidisciplinary Anishinaabe artist Craig Commanda, moderated by artist Carole Berubé Therrien. Learn a new beading technique that will allow you to create stunning 3D beaded objects in just under two hours!

This workshop is part of the larger Natakanu project. A multi-media creation and sharing platform created by and for Indigenous artists, Natakanu is a collaboration between the Office of Community Engagement at Concordia University, Wapikoni, and Uhu Labos Nomades. Following the workshop, participants will be invited to follow a tutorial on how to use photogrammetry technology to upload their unique beaded creations to this soon-to-be-launched platform.

This new digital experience will allow you to share and connect with other artists in geographically distant communities over a peer-to-peer network, regardless of your WIFI connection. Natakanu, meaning “visiting the other” in Innu, is a new model for decolonized and de-hierarchical collaboration in cyberspace! Learn more about the project.

How can you participate? Register for our Zoom event. Registration is limited, with priority offered to Indigenous participants. But all are welcome practice their 3D beading skills by watching our tutorial with artist Craig Commanda on the 4TH SPACE Youtube channel.

What you’ll need: We recommend using Delica beads (size 11) or larger (e.g., Hama) if you are a beginner beader. You will also need a size 13 needle, and Fireline or Miyuki thread. You can buy these items at Shenandoah Beads or Cvltvre Bead. Some items are also available for purchase at DeSerres.

Can’t join us on June 29? You can still practice your 3D beading by watching our tutorial with Craig and Carole here. If you want to receive further information about how to share your creations and participate in the larger Natakanu project, email

Please note: While this event is offered in English, questions and participation in the language of your choice are welcome throughout; our workshop moderator will do their best to address these.

Have questions about the event, or for our workshop facilitators? Email us at


Craig Commanda, workshop facilitator:

Craig Commanda is an Anishnabe multi-instrumentalist musician, filmmaker, and artist from Kitigan Zibi First Nation. He is currently studying Film Production at Concordia. Follow him at @craigcommandacreations.


Carole Berubé Therrien, workshop moderator:

Carole Bérubé-Therrien est une artiste Innu de la Côte-Nord. Artiste diplômée, elle œuvre au rayonnement artistique des Premières-Nations du Québec. Impliquée dans le milieu communautaire, Carole chemine sur le long sentier de ses aînées vers la reconnaissance et la valorisation des cultures autochtones. Elle trouve son inspiration dans ses rêveries forestières et dans son héritage Innu, c’est plus particulièrement le chant du vent dans les feuilles qui guide sa création. Suivez la @Matueshtin.

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