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Concordia's Public Scholars: Research in the time of COVID-19

Date & time
Friday, June 12, 2020
11 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

This event is free






Representing Concordia’s diverse graduate community, and in partnership with the Montreal Gazette, the Public Scholars Program mandate is to engage and share our research with the public.

The current cohort, launched in May 2019, is facing a challenge unique to their group: adapting to a new concept of what it means to be “public” without in-person engagement; what it means to be a “scholar” when laboratories and libraries are shut down, indefinitely, almost overnight.

How has COVID-19 impacted their research? How have they adapted their plans? What do they foresee for the future of their field, and what advice would they offer to those considering graduate studies in a post-pandemic world?

Tune in on June 12 to hear from five of the 2019 scholars on how the current crisis has impacted our graduate students, and engage in a discussion about the new realities of higher education and research. A conversation and Q&A moderated by Bettina Forget, one of the 2020 public scholars, will follow short presentations by the scholars. Final remarks will be delivered by Lucinda Chodan. Chodan is editor in chief of the Montreal Gazette and senior vice-president, editorial, of Postmedia. The Gazette has been involved with the Public Scholars program since its inception at Concordia.

Join the conversation by registering for our Zoom webinar or watching live on our Facebook page.

Have questions on this topic that you want to get to the scholars ahead of time? Send them to  


Amir Molaei

Mechanical Engineering

I create robots for surgical operations, enhancing surgeons' abilities to perform micro-surgical tasks in a more precise and less invasive way.

Read Amir's blog

Heather Herriot


I focus on pathways to successful aging. Specifically, I study how self-compassion can help older adults cope with stress and prevent declines to their health.

Read Heather's blog

Seyed Mohammad Mirjalili

Electrical & Computer Engineering

My research focuses on the design, analysis, and optimization of new optical devices for the next generation of fibre optic communications.

Read Seyed's blog

Sherif Goubran

Individualized Program (Design, Finance, Building Engineering)

I'm looking at whether our sustainable building designs respect the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Read Sherif's blog

Zeina Ismail-Allouche

Individualized Program (Applied Human Studies, Oral History, Theatre)

I'm interested in the narratives of youths who have experienced transracial and intercountry adoption, particularly in the context of the global refugee crisis.

Read Zeina's blog

Aryana Soliz

Sociology and Anthropology

My research explores cycling and walking practices in Central Mexico as well as the ways in which urban infrastructure enables and restricts non-motorized transportation.

Read Aryana's blog

Emilie St-Hilaire

Humanities (Art Education, Design & Computation Arts, Theatre)

I study lifelike dolls and the motivations of their collectors in order to rethink non-human companionship.

Read Emilie's blog

Lea Kabiljo

Art Education

I look at the practical applications of oral history as a teaching tool in art education.

Read Lea's blog

Matthew-Robin Nye

Humanities (Studio Art, Process Philosophy, Performance Studies)

I ask three questions: How does the concept of ‘utopia’ in queer studies influence a built environment? How does a creative gesture affect a body in this environment? And how does the ecological 'queer' identity?

Read Matthew-Robin's blog

Naghmeh Bandari

Mechanical Engineering

I develop optical tactile sensors for minimally invasive surgery. These sensors integrate with surgical instruments used in remote surgery to recreate the sense of touch.

Read Nagmeh's blog

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