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Co-creating the Next-Generation Quartier: Let’s talk about community

Thursday, May 7, 2020
4 p.m. – 5:30 p.m.

This event is free






Co-creating the Next-Generation Quartier is a bi-weekly conversation series, organized by the CERC Smart, Sustainable and Resilient Communities and Cities team, and hosted virtually by 4TH SPACE. 

What will the next-generation quartier look like? What essential elements should it include? And can we develop a collaborative and contemporary redefinition of our urban neighborhoods? Every other week, experts from Concordia and the Montréal community will explore these questions, with a focus on Lachine-Est, one of the five Eco-Quartiers of Montréal. Formerly used by the Dominion Bridge Company, this historically significant site will soon be developed as a vibrant mix-use district, making it an ideal example from which to build broader conversations about our changing city boroughs. 

In this first installment, panelists will be discussing the evolving concept of community, and its role in shaping next-generation quartiers.


Join the conversation by registering for our Zoom webinar or watching live on our Facebook page.

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Jing Iris Hu, Assistant Professor, Philosophy, Concordia University (Panelist)

David Morris, Professor, Philosophy, Concordia University (Panelist)

Matthias Fritsch, Professor, Philosophy, Concordia University (Panelist)

Maja Vodanovic, Borough Mayor, Lachine, Ville de Montréal (Panelist)

Natalie Voland, President and Founder, Gestion immobilière Quo Vadis Inc. (Panelist)

Ursula Eicker, Canada Excellence Research Chair in Smart, Sustainable and Resilient Communities and Cities, Concordia University (Panelist)

Michael Bossert, Scientific Research Manager, CERC Smart, Sustainable and Resilient Communities and Cities, Concordia University (Moderator)


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