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Sustainability in a COVID-19 world

Date & time
Wednesday, May 13, 2020
12 p.m. – 1 p.m.

Matthew Leddy, BA 18


This event is free



Wednesday, May 13, 2020

The coronavirus outbreak poses many challenges for our way of life, including our efforts in sustainability to protect the environment.

Join us for an insightful conversation with Matthew Leddy, BA 18, from the Zero Waste Concordia program, on the environmental impact of the pandemic. From thoughts on how to reduce waste to the possible long-term effects — including positives that can be taken from the pandemic — he will take questions and share research, eco-friendly tips and strategies for responsible living.

Matthew Leddy, BA 18

Matthew Ledy, BA 18

Zero Waste Coordinator in Facilities Management at Concordia

Matthew Leddy's duties include education for staff and students on the do’s, don’ts and why’s of waste management, maintaining infrastructure, setting up the Low Waste Office — an initiative which aims to increase waste diversion — and educating about best sorting practices. If something is related to Zero Waste, Matthew is likely involved in some capacity.

Matthew completed an honours degree in Human Environment (Department of Geography) and a minor in Sustainability at Concordia in 2018.

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