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The Leonard & Bina Ellen Art Gallery presents TERMS: Service

Part 1 of 2

Monday, September 20, 2021 –
Monday, January 31, 2022 (all day)

Dallal Boukhari and Alex Kitnick


This event is free



Explore the second edition of the artistic and discursive program TERMS, accessible online now. Focused on the notion of service, this first of two parts presents texts by doctor of law and postdoctoral researcher Dallal Boukhari, and by professor and art historian Alex Kitnick, in dialogue with artist Les Levine’s Catalogue of Services, produced in 1972 under the institutional identity of the Museum of Mott Art, Inc.

In whose names does a service act? This edition of the program looks at some of the meanings conferred to the concept of “service,” considering the principles on which it can be linked, in particular those of equality, accessibility, benevolence, but also devotion, sacrifice, economy and competition.

TERMS is a semiannual online discursive and artistic program that unpacks a series of broad and polysemous terms that are employed today to address a range of sociopolitical issues in contemporary society.

View TERMS online.

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