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Teaching & Learning Winter Festival: Serge Talbot & Claude Savard

Educational Cards: A Unique Tool to Expand & Enrich One’s Learning Methods

Friday, March 8, 2013
1:30 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.

This event is free


1455 De Maisonneuve W.
Room Room 763



Faced with a changing demography, the need to develop better tools, more efficient methods, and a pedagogy based on research is becoming critical. This workshop will introduce educational cards as an instrument to develop, enrich and refine one’s conception of teaching and learning.

Serge Talbot

Serge Talbot is Full Professor in the Faculty of Education of Université Laval. Since 1996, he has taught a pedagogy course for faculty members and doctoral students at Université Laval. The course is entitled The Pleasure of Making Learning Happen (Le plaisir de faire apprendre). He is currently Dean of Undergraduate Programs and Chair of the Comité de valorisation de l’enseignement at Université Laval.

Claude Savard

Claude Savard is Full Professor in the Faculty of Education and is currently President of the Commission des études at Université Laval. His research is on adult learning. He is particularly interested in research areas such as instructional design, competency education, learning assessment and learning communities.

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