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Shareholder Engagement and Stewardship Series: Specialized (Session 3/3)

Strategy and Tactics for Effective Engagement

Friday, December 11, 2020
12 p.m. – 1:30 p.m.


Thomas Estines, Groupe Investissements Responsible Inc.


This event is free




About the Event

Series Overview

Shareholder Engagement is one of the powerful tools driving positive change by influencing corporate decision-making. 

This series will focus on Shareholder Engagement and Stewardship strategies and different methods to implement them. Industry experts and practitioners will share their stories, challenges and the positive outcomes that they have encountered. Focus will be put on environmental and social topics.

Strategy and Tactics for Effective Engagement
  • Apply the concepts learnt in the previous sessions.
  • Work in groups and engage in a dialogue between a fictitious company and its shareholder
Reasons to attend
  • Work in small groups to allow for a more intensive understanding of the content
  • Experience a simulated situation based off of real business dilemmas


Be part of the Stakeholder Engagement and Stewardship Series: Specialized— Strategy and Tactics for Effective Engagement! 

*The case study will be provided in advance to all registered participants.


  • Professionals from all sectors, with knowledge and experience on the topic
  • Individuals who attended the Stakeholder Engagement and Stewardship Series: Basics — Introduction to Shareholder Engagement and Proxy Voting and the Stakeholder Engagement and Stewardship Series: Intermediate — Proxy Voting and Investor Coalitions

About the Speakers

Thomas Estines, Co-CEO, Groupe Investissements Responsable

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