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Innovation in family business and entrepreneurship

A panel discussion presented by the National Bank Initiative in Entrepreneurship and Family Business

Date & time
Thursday, November 10, 2016
9 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.

Jenviev Azzolin, Emilio Imbriglio & Barry Lorenzetti


The event is free but registration is required


Alexandra Dawson


John Molson Building
1450 Guy Room 10.121

Wheelchair accessible



What is the role of innovation for new and existing businesses? How can new generations currently going through university contribute to innovation in terms not only of new products and services, but also of new ways of thinking about business, marketing or financing?

The panelists will explore how innovation:

  • Acts as a driver not only for startups but for businesses through their life, allowing them to continue growing
  • Is used not just to introduce new products and services but also to: develop new ways of financing a business, create new ways to market and involve new generations (especially in family businesses) who can bring fresh ideas as to how to approach the market


The panel

Jenviev Azzolin, Tech Entrepreneur and Senior Marketer, Co-Founder of PPLCONNECT and WeHost

Jenviev Azzolin’s focus is on enabling positive social change by leveraging innovation and new technology in a meaningful way. She co-founded PPLCONNECT to empower customers to take control over their mobile content. Her role is to oversee the company’s strategy, partnerships and user-acquisition. Prior to PPLCONNECT, Ms. Azzolin led global product portfolios and international launches for multinationals, including Bombardier Aerospace, where she managed the launch of the Global 7000 & 8000 business jets.

Emilio Imbriglio, President and Chief Executive Officer of Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton

Emilio Imbriglio represents a team of more than 2,500 professionals who help their clients with assurance, tax, consulting, and recovery and reorganization services. His passion is helping entrepreneurs reach their goals. For nearly 35 years, Mr. Imbriglio has supported entrepreneurs and dynamic organizations unlock their full potential by promoting entrepreneurship, employment, education and sustainable development.

Barry Lorenzetti, President, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Damage Insurance Broker at BFL CANADA

Barry Lorenzetti is an entrepreneur, builder, and corporate leader in the insurance industry in Canada. He founded B.F. Lorenzetti and Associates, now BFL CANADA, in 1970. BFL has grown to 450+ employees with nine offices in six provinces across the country. It continues to be owned and operated by its own employees. Mr. Lorenzetti has supported several causes over the years, including Women’s Hockey in Canada.

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