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Theatre – Decamera '20

Thursday, December 17, 2020 –
Thursday, December 31, 2020
8 p.m. – 10 p.m.

This event is free



Directed by Harry Standjofski

In 1353 Giovanni Boccaccio wrote his classic “The Decameron” about ten young people who self-quarantine in a country villa outside Florence for two weeks while plague & death ravage Europe. To pass the time, each night they tell each other stories. 

In 2020 we create “Decamera ’20” about university students who self-quarantine in a Montreal triplex while Covid-19 brings the world (well, most of it anyway) to a standstill. To pass the time they Zoom/call/FaceTime friends & family and, once they have finished watching “the Tiger King”, re-invent old stories to amuse each other… 

Click to stream Part One and Part Two.

The videos will be online until December 31.



Director - Harry Standjofski
Assistant Director - Julia Weisser
Stage Manager - Georgia Holland
Assistant Stage Manager - Madison Gosselin

Dramaturge - Camille Fecteau


Set Designer - Anna Doumet

Assistant Set Designer - Mathilde Allard

Properties Designer - Jessica Beausoleil

Costume Designer - Ariane Brisebois

Assistant Costume Designer - Erica Urrutia

Lighting Designer - Subin Bae

Videographer and Editor - Xinkun Dai

Assistant Videographer - Isabel Gelfand

Design Supervisor - Cathia Pagotto


Technical Director - Norberts Muncs

Production Manager - Jennifer Strahl

Technicians/Coordinators - Tristynn Duheme, Ted Stafford


Death - Julie d’Entremont

Disease - Noah Singer

Bouncer/Kev - Jamal Azemar

Oleander - Laurence Coté

Iris - Emily Bartlett

Marigold - Elly Pond

Andy - Noah Tompkins

Nat - Mira Korngold
Viv - Marie-Jude Salomon

Sis - Lila Ciesielski
Nurse - Samantha Lipovski

Etta - Kathryn Fraser

Brack - Jarrad Haas
Tony - Dean Persons
Thea - Carlyn Button

Lovborg - Julien Jung

Molina - John O’Neil

Valentin - Daniel Perez

Spiderlady - Maryam Nour

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