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iGEM 2019 Mini Jamboree

Saturday, September 28, 2019 –
Friday, September 20, 2019
10 a.m. – 3 p.m.

This event is free


iGEM Competiton


Orly Weinberg


Richard J. Renaud Science Complex
7141 Sherbrooke W.
Room S110



You're invited to the Concordia iGEM team’s project presentation as Concordia hosts a regional mini-iGEM Jamboree.

iGEM teams from Queen’s University and Université Laval will be joining us to present their project talks (10 am-noon) and posters.

Your participation and feedback would be appreciated as the teams get ready to attend the iGEM Giant Jamboree international competition in Boston at the end of October!

iGEM Concordia is presenting Quantifen: A non-invasive wearable biosensor for fentanyl detection.

Fentanyl, an opioid painkiller, is the leading cause of accidental opioid overdose as many recreational drugs are unknowingly laced with it. Our solution: Quantifen! Quantifen is a non-invasive wearable biosensor adapted for fentanyl detection in sweat. Taking the form of a temporary tattoo consisting of conductive ink layers and cellular-functionalized iontophoretic hydrogels, biological detection is converted into electrical output. This output is transferred as data to our app, warning the user of fentanyl consumption via mobile alerts or by contacting emergency services. The biosensor consists of a genetic circuit which produces glucose oxidase (GOx) in response to fentanyl binding to receptor protein FEN21. GOx undergoes electrochemical reactions, creating current which is carried via screen-printed conductive inks to a printed circuit board (PCB) in the wearable device; it then communicates with the user’s smartphone. The biosensor can be adapted for detection of other drugs or small molecules due to its modularity.

Many thanks go to Dr. Aashiq Kachroo and to our tireless SynBioApps graduate students who mentored the team, from coordination and project ideation to hands-on training and support in the lab!

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