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Before you begin: Equipment & software checklist

You will need the following equipment to run virtual classes online:

  • a desktop or laptop computer
  • a reliable Internet connection
  • a microphone 

To have the best experience with the software, please consider the following recommendations:

  • Use the latest version of Firefox as your browser when accessing YuJa through Moodle.
  • Enable cookies in your browser for all Moodle and YuJa features to function properly.

To pre-record your lecture from a personal computer, you first need to download the YuJa Software Capture application. Instructions are provided below.

Adding YuJa to your Moodle course

Downloading YuJa to your Computer

Before you can use YuJa to record videos, you will need to install the software to the computer you are working from. You may install it on both personal and work computers. 

There are two ways to download YuJa:

Downloading YuJa from Moodle

Before you proceed, make sure you have followed the steps above to add YuJa to your course.

Downloading YuJa from the Web

You can also download the YuJa software directly from the Concordia YuJa site. Log into the site using your Concordia netname and password and follow the instructions.

Recording a video with YuJa

The following resources provide instructions on how to record a lecture from your laptop or desktop that captures your voice and screen (and optionally video of you talking).

Teaching considerations when creating online lectures

It is recommended that instructional videos be limited to 10 minutes (or shorter) segments and, where possible, adding a short activity that prompts students to put the ideas to action. These activities could include: reflective or discussion questions for students to discuss in groups in a discussion forum, a quiz or other activity.

The following video provides instructions on how to record a video from your computer using the YuJa software application.


YuJa Support videos

Sharing videos with Students

Once you are ready to share your video with students, you will need to "publish" them to the YuJa course channel in order for students to be able to access them. Please follow the instructions below to publish your video to a course channel.

Organizing your YuJa folders

It is possible to organize your YuJa videos in to subfolders to make it easier to locate information. The following video provides instructions for organizing your folders within YuJa. The starting place in this video is the Moodle course where you would like to add folders. be sure add YuJa to your course before you begin to organize your folders.

Additional Resources

Complete Guide - full written instructions on using YuJa as for capturing lectures.
 IITS lecture capture services page

Using the Software Capture for Apple Applications (Step-by-step video instructions for creating pre-recorded videos from your Apple desktop or laptop)

Using the Software Capture for PC Applications (Step-by-step video instructions for creating pre-recorded videos from your Windows desktop or laptop)

Using the YuJa video Editor (A step-by-step video from YuJa on how to edit your videos)

All YuJa Instructional videos


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