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Lecture capture

Lecture capture is a technology which allows professors to record a lecture and share it digitally. These lectures can be live in the classroom or recorded outside of class and made available to students through Moodle. Here are a few examples of what can be recorded:

Lecture on Mobile device
  • an audio recording of the lecture
  • an audio recording of the lecture along with a slide show
  • an audio recording of the lecture recording cursor movement, typing, and other non-cursor movement like writing with a stylus on a tablet.

How lecture capture is used

Depending on the way in which you record your lectures, they can be used in different ways. Lectures recorded in-class are typically used as a review tool for students and might be used in subsequent years by the instructor. Recordings made out-of-class are typically produced to support online, flipped or blended learning. 

How YuJa works

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