Lecture capture

Lecture capture is a technology which allows professors to record a lecture and share it digitally. These lectures can be live in the classroom or recorded outside of class and made available to students through Moodle. Here are a few examples of what can be recorded:

Lecture on Mobile device
  • an audio recording of the lecture
  • an audio recording of the lecture along with a slide show
  • an audio recording of the lecture recording cursor movement, typing, and other non-cursor movement like writing with a stylus on a tablet.

How lecture capture is used

Depending on the way in which you record your lectures, they can be used in different ways. Lectures recorded in-class are typically used as a review tool for students and might be used in subsequent years by the instructor. Recordings made out-of-class are typically produced to support online, flipped or blended learning. 

Using Lecture Capture to Enhance your Course

This video showcases interviews with Concordia faculty talking about their experiences using Lecture Capture in their face-to-face courses.

The benefits of lecture capture

The recordings can be used

  • to make lectures more accessible to learners with language barriers or learning disabilities
  • to review topics that were not clear when presented the first time in class – students can fast-forward to a specific part that they did not understand and listen to it as often as they need to
  • to review before an assessment whenever, wherever and as often as they want
  • as an alternative for a missed class
  • by the instructor the following semester in flipped or blended learning (however, only portions of these videos should be used)

YuJa: Concordia's lecture capture tool

YuJa is a web-based software solution that is installed on all classroom computers across both campuses. This solution is can be used to record live lectures and posted to Moodle. Instructors can also  download and install YuJa on their personal computers in order to record lectures outside of class or other kinds of videos. You can upload any video - including videos from your mobile devices to YuJa, which can then be shared with students through Moodle.

With Yuja you can:

  • Record live lectures in the classroom and make available on Moodle
  • Record lectures from home and make available on Moodle
  • Upload videos created using other software to your YuJa Media folder to make available on Moodle
  • Upload videos you shot with your phone or tablet while in the field

These videos are one way to support online and blended learning and the flipped classroom approach.

For more information about YuJa, refer to the IITS Lecture Capture page and the YuJa Quickstart Guide.

How YuJa works

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