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Creating instructional videos from mobile or tablet

Last updated: November 13, 2020, 5:43 p.m.

***The content on this page will be continually updated. 

Making videos from your mobile device

It is possible upload any video from your mobile device directly with YuJa using their mobilie app. This means the possiblities for the kinds of content you create are endless. 

Recording video using your mobile device

Using your forward-facing camera, there are lot of things you can record that might be relevant for your course. These include:

  • experiments you do at home or in a lab
  • simulation
  • demontrations
  • videos of wilfdlife, plant life, etc.
  • video of you giving a shor talk or lecture without slides (using a tripod or with your mobile device propped up on something)

Recording a video of your mobile screen

It is also possible (with certain devices) to record your voice and anything on your mobile screen. This means, you can record your voice over you using certain apps. This may be particularly useful if you want to annotate slides and documents or write out equations and/or notes. Most tables can accommodate the use of a basic stylus for writing on the screen while some offer options for Bluetooth "pencils." Examples of these kinds of video include:

  • worked problems (talking through mathematical or other types of problems as you go along)
  • presentations with annotations (i.e. marking up PowerPoint slides or other documents while lecturing)

When using using the function to record screen, you can use any app. For example, you can use PowerPoint or other presentation apps, note-taking apps (with blank, lined or graph paper) for writing out problems and solutions or drawing diagrams. It's best to work with apps that you are already familiar with.

Downloading & logging in to the YuJa app for your mobile device

iOS (for iPads and iPhones)


Android (for Samsung and Android devices)

Uploading your video to YuJa using the App

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