Founded in 1982, the West Island Black Community Association (WIBCA) provides robust community programs and services in support of Black community members of all ages and the broader West Island population.

In this video


  • Generational knowledge
  • Anti-Black racism 

WIBCA members Kemba Mitchell, Mrs. White and Rashawn Greenidge represent three generations of community organizers. Greenidge is an aspiring entrepreneur and holds a diploma in Communications, Media and Studio Arts from Vanier College. Mitchell is the chairperson of WIBCA and a Black mother. Eileen White is one of the founders of WIBCA, a Black mother and cherished elder.

This video explores the WIBCA’s history, objectives and future aspirations. Founder Eileen White discusses the ways in which WIBCA was created to support the success of Black youth and provide the tools for the community to navigate Canadian society.

As the chairperson, Kemba Mitchell has been active in maintaining WIBCA as the backbone for Black communities in the West Island. As the Black youth member, Rashawn Greenidge shares his role in supporting the younger generation in becoming leaders of tomorrow.

Taking action

  • Be a part of the solution by connecting with the West Island Black Community Association
  • Pass the torch — invest in anti-racist teaching and learning strategies to inspire the next generation of thinkers
  • Lead by example — practice what you teach
  • Cultivate teaching and learning that aligns with this sentiment: “The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members” — Coretta Scott King


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