Oceane Jasor is a Guadeloupean sociologist specializing in race and gender relations in South Africa and the diaspora. She is an assistant professor of sociology at Concordia University.

In this video


  • Intersectionality
  • Anti-Black racism 
  • Gender advocacy

In this video, Jasor discusses the tendency to neglect gender and sexuality when investigating anti-racist protests like Black social movement organizing. She stresses that neglecting to include gender advocacy work in the academy serves to erase the agenda and contributions of Black women and Women of Colour (WOC) within the social sciences and fails to recognize them as key mobilizers of social movements across the world.

Taking action

  • Make writers of colour a crucial part of your analysis 
  • Make yourself knowledgeable by visiting diversity and inclusion centres at universities
  • Contribute to anti-Black advocacy by caring for your Black students
  • Become aware of the hidden racist barriers and obstacles that Black students face
  • As students of colour, be proactive about seeking mentorship


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