Jennie-Laure Sully is a Montreal activist with Solidarité Québec-Haïti. She advocates for Haitian sovereignty as well as Haitians’ human rights.

In this video


  • Anti-Black racism
  • Institutional Change

Jennie-Laure discusses Canada’s imperialistic foreign policies that systemically bar Haiti from sovereignty including funding prisons and sabotage – impeding in the human rights of Haitians internationally. Through a personal anecdote on being a Black woman and Haitian activist, she illuminates her work on Solidarite Quebec-Haiti mobilizing in Montreal to illuminate Canada’s complicentcy in perpetuating systemic racism across borders; and support Haitian Canadians and migrants.

Taking action

  • Become a member of Solidarite Quebec-Haiti (all our welcome) join the discussion and efforts to cultivate anti-racist and anti-imperialist foreign policies
  • Educate yourself on the ways that Canada has and continues to interfere with the politics of international countries as a colonial legacy of Global North dominance over the Global South.


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