Teresa Woo-Paw is a first-generation Chinese Canadian, politician, social worker, chairperson at the Canadian Race Relations Foundation (CRRF) and founder and chair of the ACT (Asian Canadians Together). In addition, she is the convener for the Asian Canadians Together to End Racism (ACT2EndRacism) National Network. She also founded Action Dignity and Asian Heritage foundations.

In this video


  • Anti-Asian racism

In this video, Woo-Paw discusses the Canadian history of anti-Asian racism rooted in the Chinese Exclusion Act. In addition, she provides insights into the ways that the CRRF and ACT2endracism have been serving diverse communities during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Taking action

  • Engage with the anti-racism roundtable hosted by the Canadian Race Relations foundation.
  • Develop more understanding about the different groups of people impacted by racism.


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