Jade Almeida is a doctoral candidate in sociology at Université de Montréal and a Black feminist scholar with a focus on Black women who love women.

In this video


  • Intersectionality
  • Anti-Black racism 

In this video, Jade centers racial disparities during COVID-19 to highlight how the global “care-work” by Black woman has been historically racialized and exploited. Ultimately, she debunks the trope of Black female “resilience” and “servility” – calling for state, organizational and individual accountabilities to upholding the rights and security of Black women in the workplace, research inquiry and community work.

Taking action

  • Donate to and get involved in organization that support Black, Queer, Trans and migrant populations
  • A long-term solution is to do your research on how academic institutions normalize the invisibility of Black communities
  • Embrace feminists, Indigenous, Black, and racialized theorists, then consciously cite them


  • Patricia Hill Collins book “Black Feminist Thought”
  • Robyn Maynard “Policing Black Lives”
  • Rose-Myrlie Joseph “the Invisibility of Haitian Maids”, then all her other articles and YouTube account
  • Evelyn Nakano Glen’s article “Forced to Care”
  • Dionne Brand’s book “No Burden to Carry”
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