Maxim Fortin is the Quebec branch coordinator of the “Ligue des droits et libertés.” He holds a PhD in political science with a focus on collective action, sociology of social movements, and social and educational policy.

In this video


  • Institutional Change

In this video, Fortin discusses his experiences in antiracist work navigating the pandemic and the rise of “politically motivated intolerance for social justice”. For equity, he signals that Montreal must address its lack of diversity beyond awareness and towards antiracist action.

Taking action

  • Take a pause from “awareness” and “education” to act – physically make a change or join change-makers
  • Avoid jargon, spaces and causes that do not directly and clearly name, and target oppression, exploitation and domination
  • Reclaim antiracism as a stance – without fear be vocal and not politically correct about demanding an end to racism in your environment and education.


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